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Communication Networks
Communication networks are nowadays the subject of intense research as modern society increasingly depends on them. On the one hand, the first studies have dealt with the architecture of these systems, showing that the systems’ topological features are at the root of the critical behavior of several dynamical processes taking place on top of them. On the other hand, models for traffic and information flow on complex networks have been recently investigated as a way to improve our understanding on key issues such as the scalability, robustness, performance, and dynamics of technological networks. In particular, much effort has been invested in finding what are the conditions for an efficient performance of communication networks, the latter being measured as the ability of the system to avoid congestion and reduce transit times. Nevertheless, large communication networks such as the Internet usually avoid the regime in which congestion arises and therefore the dynamics of packets is not in general driven by congestion processes. Instead, the fluctuations in traffic flow constitute the main factor affecting the dynamics of these communication systems. In our group, we study models of information and traffic dynamics with the aim of addressing the above-mentioned challenges, including the study of wireless communication networks. Our research is also directed towards the application of several tools from statistical physics to better comprehend several aspects of these technological networks.

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