Socio-technical Systems - Publications
Main Publications

Since COSNET Group was constituted more than 10 years ago; there have been many topics in which we have worked on. Our research activity has tested and demonstrated the innovative use of tools and methods of complex systems that have been developed during the last few years, and has also supported new methodologies and relevant procedures in the analysis and design of complex systems.

The need to create a general and unified trans-disciplinary framework of complex networks is highly challenging, but the results would be still far reaching. Hitherto, our findings have delivered new insights in different scientific fields such as: Communication and Information Technologies, Epidemiology, Multiplex Networks, Critical Phenomena, Game Theory, Systems Biology and Social Sciences. All of this has allowed us to better understand countless of processes and draw reliable conclusions of great practical use. Our profound interest and growing curiosity in many fields constitute an incentive when exploring different aspects of complexity and when we try to implement new methods and algorithms to unravel the essence and specificities of several mechanisms. Our scientific activity over these years is a faithful reflection of our concerns and true motivations.