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Structure and Dynamics of Natural and
Manmade Complex Systems
Government of Aragón, DGA, 2011
Summary of the project: Although network theory has led to many significant results in recent years, it is still at an early stage of development, in particular, taking into account its potential applications to different research fields, as well as the description of real systems and the understanding of the relationship between structure and function (dynamics). Through this project, we aim to answer many questions still open in this field of research, such as: why scale-free networks are so abundant in Nature?, Are there universal principles that govern the growth and evolution of these networks?, and How do the resulting dynamics at a local scale spreads and integrates at a global, system-wide scale? Our overall objective in this research project is therefore to advance in the development of a theoretical and computational framework to characterize the structure and function of complex networks in natural and artificial systems. The project will be a starting point to transfer the acquired knowledge to different fields and to exploit the similarities and analogies of many different systems to further our understanding of their design and control.

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