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Thematic Network: Dynamics and
Synchronization in Networks
Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN)
Summary of the project: In previous years, we were granted the Thematic Network entitled “Dynamics and Collective Phenomena in Socioeconomic Systems”. The network was highly novel as different research groups working on economy, sociology, computational sciences, innovation research, etc joined several teams made up of physicists with expertise in statistical mechanics, computational physics and their applications in different fields, including those mentioned above. The direct interaction between the participating groups has already allowed to establish several collaborations in specific problems. This project renews the Thematic Network with the aim of reinforcing, strengthening and consolidating the advancements in networking, problem identification and scientific collaboration that we achieved during the first period of the network. The subsequent results will provide hints about social stability and economic well-being in an increasingly connected world. They could also have applications in the design of specific actions that would help policymakers.

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